Gruler Nation Podcast Information Form

  • Please input your name as you want it used in the show.
  • Please provide a 1-paragraph bio which we'll use as the basis for introducing you on the podcast and the show notes webpage. Please feel free to list any formal credentials, credentials or awards.
  • Quick overview on a couple of topics you would like to discuss.
  • Please add three links, websites, phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook ID, Instagram ID, etc. that you would like used on your portion of the video and listed elsewhere.
  • Ranging from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to 1 hour or beyond. If you prefer open ended with no time limit, please say so.

About the Show



  • The show is free form conversational. There is no structure other than what we decide prior to the show and through this form.
  • The theme of the show in general is not specific and is not legal related.
  • The goal is to have interesting guests on to share the exciting things they are doing in their lives.


  • The show is not broadcast live.
  • Audio and video are recorded and uploaded after they have been edited to have the front and ends clipped and intro and outro added.
  • Video is recorded. To see a sample, visit the YouTube link below.


Post-Show Advertising:

  • Show tries to stick to Monday / Wednesday / Friday release schedule at 10 a.m.
  • After the show is posted on Facebook, the show is “boosted” with paid advertising to maximize your exposure.
  • The paid boost lasts for 30 days.
  • The Facebook boost is set to reach maximum video views.
  • The algorithm is targeting friends of people who like the Gruler Nation Podcast Facebook Page.
  • To increase your exposure, you are encouraged to invite people you are interested in targeting to like the Facebook page.
  • Facebook: How to Invite People to Like Your Page


  • Audio and video files are available after the show for you to download and share.
  • Guests can download their show and re-post / cut / edit and re-share the show for evergreen marketing purposes.